Day 2: Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

It was a gorgeous morning in Svalbard – bright and clear and exactly what we hope to see on eclipse day. After breakfast, the entire team met up and headed to UNIS where the polar bear guard picked up their rifle and flare gun. We then all headed to the old observatory where we were introduced to the working area. Thankfully, Shadia had made two scouting trips over the previous two years and had found this excellent location for observing.

We spent the day setting up shop – Equipment was unpacked, Adi started setting up the spectrometer and the airport team spent the day setting up in one of the hangars which was a lot nicer than they had expected.


For dinner we met up at the Radisson Blu in Longyearbyen and had a delicious meal of lamb or haddock. There were very active northern lights this evening, but unfortunately we were not able to see them because Svalbard was right in the middle of the Auroral oval. Folks in Europe had a much better chance of seeing them.

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