Day 5: Eclipse Day!!!

The day is here!  Four years of preparation, months of building the equipment, weeks of testing, days of assembling and re-testing, an early morning of finalizing details…we are all tired, tense, anxious and excited!  A news crew is here, the instruments stand still almost in anticipation, personal cameras are fiddled with perhaps in an effort to ignore the anxiety, safety glasses are ready, so are the warm clothes, it’s 1 degree F (-17 celsius) with a “feels like” temperature of -16 F (-26 celsius), the sun is beaming, a few wispy clouds make their way across the sun like uninvited guests, on the street, buses, snowmobiles, and cars bring the spectators to their observation spot…scientists, students, tourists, locals, artists, and the media…all here, in this spectacular region of our planet, for the same reason.  We are all here to observe a natural phenomenon of our universe.  How small we are, how big we feel, and slowly as the eclipse approaches, we start to realize how small we truly are and how small we truly feel, realizing how wonderful life is, never losing sight of how fortunate we are to be here as scientists but beyond that, as people who have come together to make this an unforgettable week.  What a privilege and honor to be here and to be able to share this expedition with you, our readers.  Bring on the show!!


Moment of truth…all is setup!


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